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Global Business English

For employees in international companies an excellent command of Global Business English is an important key to communicating well with business partners worldwide and, therefore, to success in global business.

Our training courses in Global Business English incorporate the linguistic, cultural and professional environment and allow you to work on appropriateness, clarity and articulation. Whether in written or oral communication, in presentations, team meetings or negotiations, we concentrate not just on the foreign language but also the foreign culture.

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Business German · German for the Workplace

Work and business-oriented German and Intercultural Competence as key qualifications

Our courses …

▹   train specific linguistic abilities for specific professions/jobs

▹   emphasize communication skills in the work environment

▹   focus on a company’s internal and external communication

▹   emphasize functional language use for specific areas of communication

▹   take different learning methods and habits into consideration

▹   help develop relevant learning strategies and working methods

▹   do not consider the general and business-related parts of the lesson as separate from one another


Good pronunciation is a prerequisite for successful communication. Good pronunciation can help to avoid misunderstandings and to adequately convey the intended message.

Pronunciation training teaches the basics of intonation (speech rhythm, melody and emphasis in word and sentences and includes extensive practice of German sounds. The aim is to improve articulation, particularly of those sounds with which many students of German language struggle, such as »r, sch, ch …« as well as teach specific aspects of »German pronunciation« (e.g. vowel length).


A sound and strong voice is of great importance for people whose work involves a lot of talking. Unfortunately, daily demands can put an enormous strain on the voice.

Coaching in the economical use of speech can prevent serious damage to the vocal cords. Our aim is to provide participants with an improved self-awareness and a better understanding of their own voice. Learning speaking techniques greatly improves the robustness of the voice and strengthens expression.

For Trainers and Lecturers in Education
and in Language Schools

We incorporate both foreign language and intercultural learning processes into our courses on teaching methods and didactics for foreign language teaching of German and English.

We support you in expanding your teaching competence and offer further training in the following:

▹   individually tailored concepts for instruction, training and courses, individually designed for the target group

▹   planning, designing, implementing and evaluating foreign language lessons

▹   characteristics of teaching German and English as a foreign language for the workplace

▹   intercultural learning

▹   receptive and productive skills

▹   teaching vocabulary

▹   teaching grammar

▹   creative practice and exercises

▹   learning strategies

To learn more about how you can benefit from the many and varied possibilities that my training projects have to offer, or if you have any questions, please contact me.

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